service consulting
Consulting. Capstone Branding advises in all strategic aspects of brand diversification and brand expansion. Where can the brand go, and equally important where shouldn’t it go? For that, we perform brand core analysis not only in the core, but also in the peripheral areas of brand perception. Most importantly, and unlike line extensions, the entry in new categories and markets requires a thorough understanding of future competitors and a feasible positioning of the brand against them. As a result, we develop a brand diversification strategy based both on the brand and on promising markets.

As a third imperative element, a brand diversification strategy must include answers on the value chain for future segments. With that regard, Capstone Branding analyses which of the competencies and functions that are required in new markets should be performed by the brand owner himself, established in-house, sourced externally and/or partnered. Entry barriers, margins, investment, time and availability are important criteria.

Inversely, we also advise companies who are active in a specific market and would like to add another brand to their portfolio via acquisition or license. For them, we define strategically attractive segments within their category. We then identify established brands whose positioning would match such segments, and develop a brand acquisition strategy on how to secure one of these brands.